by iRkdm

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released March 18, 2015



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iRkdm Pomona, California

dope circa 2007

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Track Name: eLs3vn - Penelope (w/ RaneRaps)

Hook :
you had so much potential/
But you dreadfully/
ruined your credentials When you flaked on me/
And now it’s causing issues because I found the bare essentials
in a new of two dimples/

I was on the dock getting the sails ready/
seven hit me on the cell to tell me that his friend was only fair-weather/
Penelope Pitstop, left her in the ziplock/
to come out with us and hit the strip you gotta be tip top/
boo lose your flip flops, step into these topsiders/
guarantee to keep you from falling for me at dockweiler/
BEACH Playin so Del Rey, I'm Robert Kelly/
worlds greatest/
if your man says the same he marinelli/
STOP LYING/LION don't believe his script I promise you its all story/
introduce you to the world like your crush was Corey/
now SADDLE UP I guarantee a magic touch/
certified masseuse for da cooch and you need a wax and rub/
micheal phelps in her swell and turned lake placid to Grand Rapids/
giving pleasure pains I went thornberry your man smashing/
FANTASTIC! Dapper Dan meets Dan Rather/
60 minutes of swanky satisfaction/
That's Form and Fashion/

You got me way out here tryna get to you
And I'm hella geekin off the things you do
Yo I'm a stoner, do you smoke?
I just had ta' ask
Coz there's a stash in the back
we could probably match
its a brand new batch of that dank
And I didnt have to break the bank for that strain
Let's fly paper planes
By the way my name is s3vn and I'm known to stay cool
I've had that reputation ever since I left grade schoooool!
You look fly as hell,
Chemistry compatibell
And we should spend time
in a relationship, we might as well
In the mean time, you should tell me what it do?
How are you?
Let me know the things I'm not allowed to do
I wanna hold your hand, can I hold hand?
And if you think im being too forward I understand
But there's something I must ask you before I go,
It's could you type your 10 digits in my cellular phone,
I'm like...